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I gaþered up all of my links from different computers, and made a commented set of web-pages, which makes it easier to carry links around. Also a system crash does not trash your favorite-files.

It grew over þe years: it's now seven pages, of which þis is forked off one of þem. It's my maþematical links, in no particular order. Enjoy. It's like any þing þat grows over time: very patchy and uneven! so don't take offence.

Assorted Maþs Sites
MaþPuzzle in þe Gardneresque style
Mathmagic is anoþer puzzle-page worþ keeping an eye-spot on.
Dr Maþs has interesting articles on Maþs.
Mathsoft maintains a list on Constants
St Andrews has information on Birthplaces of mathematicians History topics
A Number-theory Index
The Inverse Symbolic Calculator
Multiply perfect Numbers
Assorted Maths Software
Here's the list of vrml viewer plugins, including the Cosmo Player
This is John Conway's Game of Life for Legacy OS's
Astro-Logix is a construction set for making stick polyhedra.
Jonathan Bowers
Jonathan is the Hedrondude. He has discovered many of the uniform Polychora or 4d polytopes.
Alex Doskey
This is an interesting page of polyhedra.
      This is his Home Page.
David Eppstein
David Eppstein is a professor at School of Information and Computer Sciene in California. His site covers a lot of interesting things with lots of links.
      The Geometry Junkyard is always worth the visit.
      Also i found the Number þeory page worth the look.
Geometry Centre
Hyperbolic Geometry
Reference page
Melinda Green's Home Page
Don Hatch & Melinda Green wrote the Tyler java applet. Here is some user contributitions, including some of mine. Melinda is making a gallery that shows off the wonders of the hyperbolic world via the poincare and klein projections.
Shyam Sunder Gupta
S Gupta runs an interesting mathematical recreations site.
Zvi Har'El
Zvi Har'El is author of the Kaleido program, which gives the uniform polychora and their duals.
George W Hart's Pages
The Virtual Polyhedron page contains illistrations on the assorted polytopes, and some historical background, eg on Kepler
      The Conway Notation is a kind of surface operator, generalising the notion of 'snub' and 'truncate'.
Don Hatch's Home Page
Don Hatch is more mathematical, and has produced a number of interesting applets & ideas, with Notation in the Wythoff-notation.
He has some thoughts on the right way to do calculations.
Guy Inchbald
An interesting site that covers unconventional aspects of the polyhedra.
Kabai Sandor
Sandor is a graphic artist in Hungary. His site shows some of his work.
Wendy Krieger
My home page is in a bit of a mess, although i am working on it.
This is home to the Polygloss, vers 0.10, with pages of 0.06 added
and its assorted rewrite 0.20, rewritten from scratch.
Jim McNeill
This site has a number of connections to things.
      This site is the home to the Hedron software package, a program for making vrml files, to be viewed in Cosmos and other things.
      Some of my contributions appear here. Thanks, Jim!.
Tamara Munzner
Tamara has written a number of interesting programs, including a 3d hyperbolic map visualiser.
Mark Newbold
This site contains an interesting java applet that shows 3d slices of some of the 4d star-polychora.
      The site got slashdotted.
George Olshevsky
George is DinoGeorge, with interests in dinosaurs and polytopes. His site has all of the uniform polychora, with the Dynkin Symbol for these.
      The Glossary reflects the current usage of the terminology for polytope and 4d geometry.
Ed Pervin
Ed has some applets on the Semiregulars
Jorge Rezende
JR is Auxiliary Professor at the University of Lisbon.
      Page on polyhedra: English + Portugese
Sascha Rogmann
This site has a lot of interesting things about hyperbolic polychora, or tilings. The Hyperbolic page has lots of unusual pictures of different shapes. Most of these are in þe Klein or Gnomic projection.
      The diploma is also interesting to look at.
      His dodecahedra on the Mars page shows the connexion between poincare and central-azimthal projections.
      His hyperbolic buckyballs is a klein or gnomic projection of the laminatruncate {;3;5,4}, unfortunately not uniform.
Hironori Sakamoto
H Sakamoto has a site with lots of the more exotic uniform bollos polyhedra, not based on any of the uniform tilings. Lots of graphics - can be slow over the wire.
John Savard's Home Page
This site has an interesting range of map projections an excelent discussion on Keyboards and Aspect Ratios.
Anton Sherwood
Anton Sherwood does some wonderful raytracing &c. His site is always worþ þe look, because it has a lot of interesting links.
Neil Sloane
Neil Slone is involved in keeping a list of series.
Lattices - Index - Density - Kissing Numbers
Sequences - Index
Robert Webb
Robert is author of the Great Stella program, much used by Polyhedral model makers.
Steffen Weber's Java Applets
The Java Page has a number of interesting polytope/java related projects, including 12 Point Group Polyhedra and 17 JWallpaper patterns.
Eric W. Weisstein's Mathworld
Eric Weisstein's Mathworld is a standard resource.
Catalans - Polyhedron - Uniform
Indexes: - Polyhedra
Fr. Magnus Wenninger, OSB
Fr. Wenninger provided subtle but important reasons for why my pages includes polyhedra information. His Polyhedra Models is mentioned in my working notes of 1977.
Robert Whitby
R Whitby proposes a model on octahedra in chemistry and physics.

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