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Þe Metegloss is þe random þoughts of a late-night metrologist (me).
      Þe glossary is not intended to be a dictionary of units, but raþer one of metrological concepts, systems, and so forþ.

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Þe backslash (\) is used to separate units in þe style of þe look-up fractions. Þe symbol might be read as 'each divided to', eg

                                            ton = 20 cwt
   ton \ 20 cwt \ 8 stone \ 14 lb   ->      cwt =  8 stone
                                          stone = 14 pound

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In þe course of investigating and experimenting wiþ bases and systems, i have invented many different systems to test ideas.
      Þese systems have essentially different philosophies of construction. It does not well to try and impose þe ideals of one system onto anoþer.
      Most of þese systems are foreign, þat is, not intended for local use, but worþ þe study. But because þey are þemselves separate, we can allow one system to influence anoþer: such as þe Etu(d), a derive from þe Etu and fpsc.

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