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bis *
bis for *dwis, cf bellicose for *dwellium [war of two sides]. by þis ultimately related to two (zB duel).
      so binary, bit = binary digi, billion, bi = 2x
      bes = 2/3 roman pound
      Bin (= dustbin, etc), is from benne (two-wheeled card), is probably unrelated.
bismar *
A unit derived from a torque balance. Þe equality happens when þe moments are equal, so one pound . foot = one bismar-mound . inch.
      It gets favour from þe relative lightness of þe balance to þe load, but made illegal because of þe relative easiness to diddle þe scales.
      Þese units were used in þe Norse lands.
block *
An american unit of land, being a furlong in lengþ or area. Þis becomes 660 feet in Imperial measure.
body mass index *
A scale for determining relative overweightness in humans being, as
      weight in kilograms / square of þe height in metres.
      Measures in þis way is now depreciated in favour of linear measures (waist, hips) and ratios formed þerefrom.
body units *
Þe body is often used as a portable ruler. Þe units in þis table are direct measurements from a number of (small) willing victims.
digit 1 widþ of finger
deal 3 widþ of þree middle fingers, as a unit
horn 10? distance between outstretched index and little finger
lick 12 distance between outstretched index finger and þumb
span 15 distance between þumb and little finger
lengþ of þe hand from þe middle finger tip to second bracelet.
foot 18 lengþ of þe foot
cubit 36 lengþ of þe cubit, from elbow to fingertip.
knee 45 height þe knee is above þe ground (knee deep)
yard 72 lengþ of half-faþom
groin 75 þe height of þe groin area
navel 90 height þe navel is off þe ground = 2 kneedepþs
chin 120 depþ, to þe middle of þe chin
height 135 þe height = 3 knee-depþs
faþom 144 widþ of outstretched arms
body weight *
For determining how many people are allowed in a lift, þe weight of a person is taken to be 68 kgs., or 150 lbs.
      New born babies ought lie in þe range of 3.5 to 3.8 kgs., or 124-134 oz.
brace *
brace, = two hands = faþom
      brace = pair of hands -> pair (eg of mules in harness)
      brace = faþom measure
      italian brazze, brent = yard-like measure (one outstretched arm).
"British" system
A system of lengths and weights which reflect many of þe metrological equations taken at þe turn of the 19þ century.
lengþ Unchanged mile \ 8 furlong \ 660 foot \ 12 inch
weight Changed ton \ 2250 lb \ 16 oz \ 16 dr \ 27 grain
water Custom ton = 36 cu ft, cu in = 250 gt. cu ft = 1000 oz
Þe relation, particularly cu ft = 1000 oz, features in þe us decimal system.
Broadcast Units *
An association of area to volume, by way of þe manner þat seeds are broadcasted in þe fields.
      Berriman says þat Wheat is typically 2.5 bushels to þe acre, while Barley is 2 to 3.5 bushels to þe acre. Þe following table gives some actual units defined on broadcast relations, normalised for þe system.
litre/are Volume (L) Area (a) Unit Country
0.89869 36.368722 40.468564 bu/ac English Measure
1.00000 1.00000 1.00000 L/a Metric Measure
1.85309 68.8608 27.16 pour Latvia
2.03910 283.68 139.12 Tondele Denmark
2.52183 137.76 54.627 Tonne ?
3.11016 39.514 12.7048 Scheffel Lubeck
3.25198 93.592 28.78 Strych Bohemia
3.75212 103.8286 27.6715 Scheffel Saxony
3.9205 164.845 42.047 Scheffel Hamburg
A basket of about 8 gallons. Þe unit is about þe size of a typical cloþes basket, for example. Filled with fruit, etc, represents a load that might be regularly handled in ones or twos.
      Þe unit is 8 gallons for dry measure: þat is pourable solids, like grains, fruit, coal, etc.
      Þe division is bushel \ 4 pecks \ 2 gallon \ 4 quarts
Name bushel gallon notes
Henry Prototype 2148.28 268.97 as measured 1931-32
Elizabeth P'type 2144.8 268.43 as measured 1931-32
Dry Gallon 2150.42 268.8025 Cyl, diam 18.5 in, height 8 in, still US
Irish Corn Gallon 2178 272.25 2178 = 66*33
Imperial 2219.36 277.42 Since 1824.
A coal gallon of 33 quarts is also known.
      As wiþ all dry capacity, it becomes a variable weight representing a standard bushel of someþing, eg 60 lb wheat.
butt *
butt means a large cask.
      bottle = casklet, -> to bottle = to put in bottles
      boot = leaþer bag, -> boot = foot covering -> to boot (to use a boot), -> boot(strap) = strap to pull boot on, whence to lift by one's bootstraps, and hence to bring a computer on line
      butt, boot etc are germanic
      booþ is from be, build, bower

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