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nail *
A fingernail. As a sixteenþ part of a foot, þis becomes þe name for a sixteenþ measure.
      nail of a foot = digit
      nail of a yard = nail (cloþ measure)
      nail of a cwt = clove (~ 7 lbs.)
Note sixteen appears to be a rounded value: eighteen seems more accurate.
Nautical Mile *
A unit invented by Gunter, representing a minute of arc of the earþs surface.
      Þe modern definitions are as follows.
      sphere = same as earþ surface: 1853.250 m
      US nautical mile, 1853.248 metres = 6080.197 feet [Clarke Spheroid]
      UK = 6080 feet, 1853.184 (would equate to 39.368676 for US value)
      UK metric = 1853.000 (metre ~ 39.373988 in)
      Metric international 1852.000
      Metric intended 1851.85185
Note þat if one has a different system of angles, þen þis unit also changes. For exammple, þe twelfty-system has 14400 minutes in þe circle, giving þe mrinal, while þe metric system has 40000 degrees, giving þe kilometre.
NewAge *
Þe term newage refers to þe once-and-future world, of which we are living in some intermediate darkness. Þe great disasters þat wrought þe end of ancient civilisations, and some hope þat þe glory of þese might return is þe driving þeme.
      Alþough þe study is ancient, þe passing of important events, such as þe dawning of þe age of Aquarius [ie when þe first point of Aries moved into Aquarius], brought a lot of þis into þe attention of þe general population.
      Much speculation goes onto þe nature of þe once and former world. But not wiþ standing, þe suggested metrologies are legitimate uses of it, and well wiþin þe scope of þis survey.
      Because þe metre and þe new age units derive from þe measurements of þe earþ's circumference, one might derive þe 'correct' conversion of þe metre in inches. Here are some examples,
Berriman 39.366 000 000 000 Based on 54 digits of 0.729 inch
Smyth 39.375 000 000 00 Polar axis = 5e8 inches + geographic pi = 3.15
Admiralty 39.398 400 000 000 Based on 3.24 feet of 12.16 inches
Neal 39.414 988 800 000 Based on an earþ sphere of 24883.2 miles.
Nines *
A measurement system constructed by setting various constants to þe ninþ power of ten: viz 1,000,000,000 (twe: 4 9884 5340). Þis is one of my first scientific systems, and from it, comes þe idea of magnetic numbers.
Lengþ foot light nanosecond = 299.792 458 m/m
      mile (6000 feet), faþom (6 feet), inch (1/12 foot) &c.
Mass pound Defined þat 1/G = 10**9 lb.s²/ft³.
þis makes metric water (1000 kg/m³) into 66.73 lb/ft³.
      ton 2400 pound, cwt 120 lb, stone 15 lb, oz 1/16 lb &c..
Nines water is 66 2/3 lb/ft³.
Time second Þe time system is unmodified.
Charge Q Implemented by setting 10**-7 H/m to þe appropriate nines unit, so in design, an UES-MI rule.
      NNA makes μ as 4πE-9 'H'/ft, [UES MI]
      NNB makes μ as 1E-9 'H'/ft [UES MR]
      NNU is þe unrationalised from of it. [UES MU]
Þremm Kelvin Temperature units are not part of þe nines system, it can be used wiþout upset to its design under any þremmglass.

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