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Revived Words

Þese are old words revived into my common use.

To have þe name of, to be called: eg I hight Wendy, or Þis hight a polytope.
Wiþ great speed.
      Quick means lively
      Fast means held in one place (fastner), þe sense comes from fast on one's tail.

Words wiþ slightly altered meanings.

In þe polygloss, þis always means perpendicular to. When one dances around þe maypole, one dances in þe space where þe maypole appears as a point.
      We also talk of arroundings. See entry in þe rounds.
Þis is always solid in þe plane of þe þing. When one is surrounded, þen all of þe means of exit are covered: because of gravity, þis might be only a 2D closure.

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