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See carat The fraction reference is carats in a solidus, or shilling.
      Formerly, silver in the UK, was pure = 12 oz of 20 dwt.
kilogram *
A unit of weight in the metric system, defined as 35.274 avoirdepoise ounces.
KU System *
A system based on the atomic constants, but defined in a way that it represents natural conitions of air. The system is a googol-system, having as it does, a derived number-unit.
      Number multiples and divisions are in terms of the fine structure hundred: fsh = 137.0359996. One develops derived constants by using powers of the fsh, or Fn.
      Length A measure = 1/4πR_inf, or 7.25163277 nm
      Mass A measure = fsh² electron masses, or 17.1063855 e-27 kg
      Time Defined so that speed of light = fsh³: 62.2471 ps
      Charge fsh electron charges = 21.95558533 aC
      Thremm defined so boltzman constant = 1; = 16.81542855
For example, the electronic charge is F-1 C, and the Bohr radius = F-1 m.
      The system is rationalised or unrationalised. If it is unrationalised, then names ought follow the fpsc or cgs-symmetric naming conventions.

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