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thermal equivalents *
The thermal equivalents of measures, against water gorems (wg), are.
      TNT 1 mole, 227.134 g, yields 608.8 kJ, then 640.2 kelvins
      Amatol, = 21/3% amonium nitrate + 78.7% TNT gives 9088.6 kJ / (2135.18 g) = 10667 K = 1526 wg
      to boil water is 540 cal/g = 970.1 fahr. = 2261 j/g
      to melt ice, 79.72 kelvins. or 333.55 J/g
thermal inch *
A number of variations between the various imperial units might be explained by way of thermal expansions: consider this extract from the m2in table.
Metres to Inch
The Metre
in inches
39.382 000 000 0 Petrie inch: "It must always be remembered that a French metre of perfect legal exactitude will, by expanding from 32° to 62°F., becomes equal to a greater number of inches when the two measures are put together; thus a brass metre is equal to 39.382 inches when compared with British measures at the same temperature, and this is its true commercial equivalent" Encyclopaedia Britannia, 9th edit, 1885.
39.383 503 575 2 Enfield Inch, as 0.99966 UB in, or shorter by 0.34 mill. This unit arose through a calibration issue in some machines supplied to the Lithgow Small Arms Factory.
A third is the third division of a unit, usually by repretition of the previous divisor. thirds are infrequently seen of late, having been displaced by other divisions of the second.
      One occasionally strikes thirds in trignometric tables, since they continue the differences tables established for seconds.
thermal unit scale *
The thermal unit is the energy required to heat a unit mass by a unit of thremm. temperature.
thremm *
The name used to replace temperature, as thremm is related to warmth.
thrilithe *
An intercalendary month, in Old English, a third month named lithe. (third milking). The device is usually done in lunar-solar calendars, since the solar year is 12.368267016 (twe: 12:4423 0548) months. The usual intercalations is to either add 3 months every 8 years, or 7 months every 19 years.
      12 3/8 = 12.375 (twe: 12:45)
      12 7/19 = 12.368421 (twe: 12:4425 3169)
      nature = 12.368267 (twe: 12:4423 0548) [epoch = 1900]

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